500 Year Flood

I’m not going to amend this post as I’d like to let it stand. BUT, the situation here is far more serious and dire for both life and property than anyone thought even just 24 hours ago. I am safe, as are all of my friends and co-workers as far as I know. The bridges and sidewalks in the pictures from last night are now all underwater, and in the case of the railroad bridge, gone. I’m working on an update post now.

I’m in Cedar Rapids this week for work, and in case you missed it on the news, there are some serious floods here. Our office started evacuating servers and employees fairly early today. Our hotel where we were staying and meeting was evacuated at 3:00 pm. We’ve moved hotels and are safe and dry, staying out near the airport.

Interestingly it seems much more dramatic on the news than it’s been been here so far. Everyone has been very calm and efficient and focused on doing their best to save property and life. I’m more than impressed by the response of the residents and local government.

There wasn’t any water in the downtown area when we left and for us, as visitors that get to leave tomorrow, it’s been mostly an inconvenience. But, if you live in the area and it’s your basement or street or business filling with water, it is A BIG DEAL. Please think positive thoughts for the people that live and/or work here.