All in a rush

I know I’ve been talking about spring forever, but today was a day that made it feel like we’re skipping straight from early spring to summer. They predicted 85, but I don’t think we quite made it. In a matter of hours it feels like everything has sprung.

The mint in the pot from last year grew literally 6 inches today. The hostas jumped up and said hello. The birds suddenly discovered the new feeders we put out. The broccoli is standing up proud and the lettuce is starting to look like more than a couple of leaves.

After work we met friends at the Conway Tavern about 15 miles north of here. It’s one of my favorite bars. The kind that welcomes kids, yuppies and Harley riders alike. They’ve got some of the best burgers around and the beer is always cold. We sat on the patio in the warmth of early evening with spring flowers blooming all around.

We drove home on country roads at sunset. And all the fields that were bare and cold just a few short weeks ago have now been turned and prepped for planting. The dairy cows have been allowed back out onto pasture. And the lambs are no longer so freshly cute, already starting to look more like sheep than babies.

I’ve been waiting and waiting to plant the tomatoes and today they spent a second day on the front porch. Tomorrow afternoon into the ground they go and I expect that they’ll start to shoot up in a matter of days. Although I’m burying them pretty deep to promote root growth so perhaps it won’t be so obvious.

Summer is so close now that I can taste it and I can’t wait!