And then she pecked my foot

This is Wilma. She’s one of the chicks, who are now 8 weeks old.

She’s a silver laced Wyndotte and after much consideration, I’ve decided to name her and her twin Wilma and Betty. Not sure why other than that it was the first pair of women that jumped into my head when she suddenly became friendly last week. Thanks to Destabee and Twinville for the suggestion

I can’t tell them apart, so for all I know they’re both friendly, but no matter, whichever is being friendly at any given moment is Wilma and the other is Betty.

When I was sitting on the ground yesterday she climbed all over me testing each shiny spot or object to see if it was a treat. I guess my recent work trying to socialize them is paying off, or maybe they just know I’ll protect them from Steve?