Birthday Gift

This fabulous coat belonged to my great aunt Ruth. She was an interesting woman, what I remember most about her is her heavily rouged cheeks, little pillbox hats and her boyfriend. I think his name was Bill? Anyway, at family gatherings he used to always give me a dollar and tell me not to spend it all in one place. Even in high school I remember him giving me a dollar.

With my passion for green, my mom and her sisters decided that this great green coat should be mine. So for my birthday they had it cleaned and had a new collar made for it (it’s fake fur).

I love it! I haven’t been able to wear it anywhere yet, but you can bet that come next fall I’ll be wearing it all the time. The only bummer is that while Ruth was tall for her generation, she had shorter arms than I do. So before fall gets here I need to take it to the local tailor and see if he can add cuffs to match the collar and make the sleeves about 2″ longer.