Busy Sunday!

Today was a busy busy day. I’ve got a lot to say, but I’ll start off with the best part of it. Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Melinda and Matt of Elements in Time. They moved to Seattle just 2 short weeks ago and today paid us the compliment of driving up to meet in person and see the new place. The Shibaguyz were going to join us, and were in fact the driving force behind us getting together, but alas they had to cancel at the last minute.

It was great to meet them. We spent a pleasant afternoon checking out my mostly dirt garden and chatting. Mike got home from trout fishing just in time to join us for Prosecco and upside down peach tart with ice cream. Matt made the ice cream from scratch and managed to keep it frozen all the way from Seattle to Arlington! Quite the feat. I’m on a quest to use up last summer’s peaches before the strawberries come in and so made a quick tart in the oven.

Melinda’s even nicer in person than she seems on her blog. I’m excited to have them here in the area, even though they are pretty far from us (about 45 miles). Hopefully they’ll decide to stay awhile! And hopefully we get a chance soon to do this again with the Shibaguyz!

Earlier in the day I finally moved my tomatoes into the garden. They’ve been outside since Wednesday and since then shot up really tall and a bit leggy. It was time to get them and the leek starts that have been hanging out in a box for three weeks into the garden. Of course, the first tomato that went in met with catastrophe.

Obviously, in retrospect, the reason you shouldn’t use clay pots for potting up your tomatoes is that they’re hard to get back out later. Of course, being the resourceful, and vengeful, gardener that I am I went to plan B.

Yeah, so maybe I didn’t need to crack and break all 20 of them. But they were rejected by the nursery I got them from for this exact reason. Plus I needed some drainage material to go at the bottom of the summer flower pots when I get around to re-doing them in a couple of weeks. Besides it gave me a strange kind of satisfaction to crack each one and extract the tomato that I started from seed. Now there are 25 tomatoes in the garden and they’re the greenest thing there.

I had grand plans that I was going to trellis the tomatoes, but some of these are pretty tall and I’ve made no progress on that project. So instead they get wire cages just like all the other tomatoes I’ve ever grown in the ground. Total there are 14 sauce tomatoes, 3 cherries and 7 slicing. Should keep us in tomatoes for a while!