Feels like spring

The fruit trees are blooming, as are the tulips, and spring is definitely here. Finally!

Today was overcast but strangely warm, it finally started to rain just as the sun went down. I finished 90% of the hard work in the veggie garden today. That involved finishing 3 of the last 4 rows to be dug and raked. The only one left is for the tomatoes and since I’m not putting them out until next weekend it can wait.

After I finished the rows I transplanted 20 broccoli / broccoli raab starts and 20 lettuce starts. More than I intended, but we’ll just eat some of it really young to make room for the next round in the succession planting plan. The broccoli is mostly starts I bought last weekend as mine went weirdly leggy. When I picked them out at the plant sale I didn’t think about the fact that I was supposed to be transplanting broccoli in rounds of 8 starts – not 16! And since I ended up buying four varieties we’re a bit long on broccoli.

As for the lettuce, well, really I just should have thinned a lot better than I did a while ago. But since I didn’t, I transplanted A LOT of lettuce today. Oh well, we’ll just start cutting sooner than we normally would. Plus it meant that tonight we got to have salad made with today’s thinnings! Yum!

After all of that I ran out of steam. So tomorrow we’ll seed carrots, radishes, peas (finally!), bush beans and spinach. Then hopefully it will start to look like a garden and not just a bunch of dirt. The next round of lettuce, broccoli and basil are under lights, along with the first of the Brussels sprouts and dill.

Now the easy part starts right? I’m much more looking forward to weeding, seeding and harvesting than I did moving all that damn dirt! I’ve got a secret to share about moving that dirt, but I need to take a picture first…