First Summer Saturday

Yesterday felt like the weekend of summer. Of course, we all know it’s an illusion since summer in Seattle doesn’t start until July 5th. But that’s okay, it’s nice to be fooled for a couple of days. Of course, the lettuce starts wish that I’d realized how hot it was sooner… But we only lost 5 of many, and I’ve got new starts to go in their place later this week. Oh well, chalk it up to a personal growth opportunity.

Taking advantage of the beautiful day I went down to the Edmonds farmer’s market with friends Missy, Mia and Sierra (she’s 4!). As much as I like the U District market I went to all winter, Edmonds meant the return of “my farmers” to my life. It was so great to see familiar faces and ask how winters were. To trade comments about the weird weather patterns this year. And buy just a bit of something from everyone. No berries yet, but the variety of things available is definitely on the upswing.

There were radishes of every color, salad greens, asparagus, rhubarb (yay!), onions, spring potatoes, herbs, honey and even cucumbers from a greenhouse in Snohomish. Of course, I didn’t buy nearly enough salad greens to get us through the week, I never do. But that’s okay – I’ll run down the street to the organic farm stand on Wednesday and pick up some more. And maybe by next weekend we’ll have our own.

When I got home, I discovered friends Megera and Kevin here at the house with Mike. We’d talked about going mountain biking, but decided it was too flipping hot to ride. Hey, were Seattlites, that’s what happens when it goes above 80.

Instead we hung out enjoying the shade and breeze on the covered patio watching Mike mow. Then Megera and I did some emergency watering on the garden. I didn’t realize it was going to be so hot yesterday and hadn’t watered Friday night. I think everything but those lettuce starts will survive. The very first of the radish seedlings, potatoes and asparagus were up. And I saw signs of the bush beans and peas. So exciting! And so late…

Eventually some cloud cover rolled in and the wind died down so we ventured out onto the freshly mowed lawn for a game of croquet. Jake isn’t a fan of the game because there’s all those balls shooting around and he’s not allowed to have any of them.

Then, since it was Megera’s birthday we decided that we should have the first cookout of summer to celebrate. I won’t say which birthday, but suffice it to say she’s not as old as she likes to think she is

Dinner was burgers on the grill, roasted potatoes and green beans (last year’s from the freezer) in the grill basket, local salad (except for the BC hothouse tomatoes – hey it was a summer cookout), peach cobbler with last years home canned peaches and vanilla ice cream. It tasted just like summer. We ended the evening with a fire outside, the first at the new house. I hope the great evening was just one of many we’ll have in this house and on this property.