For the Man Who Has Everything

For the man who has everything, it’s nearly impossible to think of the perfect birthday gift. I’ve been getting birthday gifts for one of my oldest friends for years, and every year I still have trouble thinking of something to get him. This year, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than buying him something from the store, I contacted an escort service for Las Vegas Asian girls. Giving him a fun night with an escort is something that no one would ever think to do.

It’s a good thing that my friend is single so he can enjoy such a gift to the fullest. If he were in a relationship, I could have still gotten him an escort, but I think his significant other would have had something to say about that. My friend has been single for close to a year, so I knew that he was in need of some attention from the opposite sex. It’s kind of funny, because he broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to be free to spend time with other women, but he really hasn’t done that.

I thought about the best way to present the escort to my friend. I thought about getting one of those giant novelty cakes that can hold an entire person and having her pop out of the cake, but that seemed a little too cliche and silly. The best thing to do was to be up front and tell him. My friend was thrilled to know that he would be hanging out with an escort for a night. He put on his best clothes and a dash of the cologne that his girlfriend got for him before they broke up. Out of the birthday presents that I’ve given him, I think he likes this one the most.