Conquering Aliens

Blackberries are rampant in Washington state and we pretty much consider them an invasive weed. There is one native variety, the trailing blackberry, but all of the evergreen versions are invasive from either Europe or Asia. We’ve got some trailing out of the woods on our back property line that I think are native and I’m looking forward to picking them later this summer for pies and jam.

If you’re not careful they can take over your lot, your yard or even swallow an old barn.

Want Beef?

This is for my Washington readers only – sorry to everyone else.

Our freezer is almost tragically empty as we roll up to spring. The quarter cow that we took delivery of last June is down to the last few roasts and packages of ground beef. To bring a smile back to my face (and stomach) I’m making arrangements to get another quarter in late June / early July through a farm here in Arlington.

It’s significantly cheaper if we take a half or whole steer instead, but we can’t come close to eating that much meat! So we’re looking for at least one other person to split a half with us, or three to split a whole.

A quarter is approximately 180 pounds and the price is $3.60 per pound if we order a half steer, $3.20 per pound if we order a whole. The price is hanging weight and includes custom cut and wrap through Del Fox Meats.

We have a couple of friends considering participating, but if you’re here in Washington and you’re interested in a quarter, drop me a line this week. I’m sending in my deposit on Tuesday and would need to get your commitment and money before I mail that check.