Playing God by Twilight

Starting plants from seed is not for the faint of heart. Or at least that’s what I was pondering tonight while I potted up 16 broccoli, 16 Brussels sprouts, 32 lettuce and 8 peppers.

There’s something just a bit twisted about thinning seedlings that you purposely started. About choosing which get to live and which die. And that decision is somewhat arbitrary. Sometimes it’s obvious which one to keep – the straighter stem, more leaves, bigger leaves. Other times it’s just a matter of picking one and snipping the others.

Of course those are just the thoughts that went through my head while I spent an hour plus doing all that potting up. Could have just been the intoxicating smell of fish fertilizer that got me philosophizing.

Elsewhere things are really popping in the garden, even since I took the photos below. Just since yesterday the peas and bush beans have jumped up an inch or two.

The radishes peaking their heads out.

Potatoes! My mom is now laughing at me as I had to admit to her the other day that last week I dug one up because I was worried that they weren’t up yet. They haven’t all poked up, but I think they’re coming…