Say Hello to Steve

This is our new rooster, Steve. I picked him up from my friend Denise when I was at the Edible Plant Sale yesterday. She’s long on roosters, and I decided that you can’t have a farm without a big pretty rooster.

He crowed all the way home in the car yesterday, and serenaded us periodically all day today. Luckily the hen shack and yard are far enough from the house that he adds ambiance without being annoying.

Steve is making himself right at home – cover any small children’s eyes – by making up for lost time and getting it on with the girls. He’s about a year old and Denise had him separated from the hens with another rooster. So far I’d say that his social and organizational skills are lacking, but he definitely has the sex part figured out.

The three biggest girls are pretty accepting of him and are basically acting as his harem – in particular Lucy and Maisie. Agnes isn’t a big fan, but then she’s a lot smaller than he is. She tends to ignore him and do what she wants until he makes a move, then she darts under the shed. The 10 chicks are basically operating as their own separate flock right now, but then that’s more because they’re still young than any other reason.

We’ve still got the banty rooster, but I’m hoping that Oscar and Steve can learn to co-exist. If not, Steve will be looking for another home sooner than later (sorry Denise!). Steve would have to go, mostly because Oscar is turning out to be really sweet and likeable, and Steve tends to give me the evil eye and a very wide berth so far.