Soundtrckr Demo On The Nokia N8

A few days ago we brought to you the release of Soundtrckr Beta for Symbian^3devices, which is a Geosocial Internet Radio service that allows you to enjoy music in a whole new way. Similar to Pandora, yet with many more songs, Soundtrckr lets you create, share and discover radio stations within your locality. Hit the jump to watch the app demoed on the Nokia N8.

Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 Review | For The Nokia N8, N900, 5800, E71 & More

Recently I bought my wife the Nokia N8 as an early birthday present and with free voice guided navigation out of the box, she was left in need of a suitable car holder. So I began the search and found many available options. Hit the jump to find out why I settled for the Nokia Universal Holder CR-114.

Well the first car holder I looked at was the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-122 which is designed specifically for the Nokia N8. Its clutter-free form factor was quite appealing, however as I have the Nokia N900 and the Nokia E71, I wouldn’t be able to make complete use of it.

Secondly I looked at the Nokia Universal Holder CR-115, Nokia’s latest universal in-car solution for hands free navigation. However the compatibility was limited to slimmer phones, and although it would be suitable for the Nokia N8 and my trusty Nokia E71, it would still not suffice for the N900 as we all know its in need of some serious dieting.

So this search took me to Nokia’s previous universal charger, the CR-114. This has a compatibility list of more thicker devices, but as it uses a clamp mechanism, it will literally support every device out there. What’s more is that it will also hold your device if you have a cover on it, such as the Nokia Silicone Cover CC-1005 for the Nokia N8. Check out the gallery below.

The Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 Usability

You won’t need the manual to use the Nokia Universal Holder CR-114. The clamp mechanism is very easy to operate, simply press the button and the clamp will open. Then place your handset in the holder and click it shut slowly until your device is secure. Once your device is secured in the clamp, you can attach it to the mount with a simple push and twist. The mount has a sucker on the end which you can easily lock/unlock by twisting the rotating bezel. So place the mount on your windscreen, apply some pressure and twist the bezel to the lock position. Now all you need to do is rotate your device and position it for the best viewing angle for you.

The Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 also comes with a flexible rubber plate with an adhesive back. You can stick this to your dashboard and secure the holder onto this mat if you prefer not to obstruct your windscreen. The Nokia CR-114 is definitely a good long term investment, as its versatility is reassuring and no matter what your next device is, you’ll be able to use it with the Nokia CR-114.

The Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 is available at the Nokia Store for around £29.95 GBP. I’d personally recommend our good friends over at MobileFun, who are currently selling the Nokia Universal Holder CR-114 for £17.95 GBP, and if you order before 6 pm they will ship the holder the same day.

Lady Geek TV Episode 10 | Angry Birds For Busy Gamers

In this episode of LadyGeekTV, the lovely Debs is joined by Ann Scantlebury, the co-presenter of the popular video game radio show One Life Left. Gaming is the focus and both agree that casual games are more suited to a busy lifestyle as there is no time commitment. Angry Birds it is then. Hit the jump for episode 10.

SW Update | Nokia N8 Gets Real Golf & Nokia 5800, 5230 & X6 Get Music Player With Lyrics

Nokia has released a few software updates for the Nokia N8, X6, 5800xm and the 5230. Hit the jump to find out more.

Updating your Nokia N8 will bring you Real Golf, which is a free game for that let’s you experience on the green action with top golfers, including an exclusive appearance by Lee Westwood in over 15 hours of realistic game play. The Nokia X6, 5800 and 5230 on the other hand have received a music player update that brings lyrics support.

The new lyrics feature displays the embedded lyrics of the song playing on your device (Nokia 5800, Nokia X6 and Nokia 5230). Simply click the ‘Options’ menu when in ‘Now Playing’ view to enable this feature.

To get these updates simply go to Menu > Applications > SW Update.