Spring finally arrives?

While the weather makes me think otherwise, it seems that spring has finally arrived. At the U District farmers market this morning there were signs of it everywhere. From the bigger crowds bearing canvas bags, to the flower vendors flush with tulips, to the raabs and arugula, to the very first spears of asparagus.

Even though it was 50 degrees and raining, it still felt like spring. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering through and browsing my options and thinking of all the things we can start cooking as spring progresses.

I left the market laden down with asparagus, french breakfast radishes, green onions, leeks, green kale raab, celery (!), cheddar cheese and red baby potatoes. Enough spring treats to keep us happy for a week or more.

Then I headed over to the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale and splurged on some plant starts. I picked up some horseradish, fennel, unusual peppers, broccoli to replace mine that got weirdly leggy, a second artichoke variety and bay laurel.

It must be spring, right?