Steps to Use Miter Saw

Miter Saws are one of the most effective tools for cutting wood and dual bevel compound miter saw is one of the types of miter saw that are preferred by many wood cutters because of their bevel angles. Here are following steps to use a miter saw:

Assembling Different Parts of Miter Saw: 

  • Unpacking Parts of Miter Saw: It is very important that woodworkers should care before picking the saw from the carton or box.
  • Mounting Holes: There are four nuts provided along with the miter saw to attach the machine with saw stand or bench. Wood workers must assure that the provided bolts are of enough length to assemble and fix hex nuts, saw base, lock washers and table or bench.
  • Dust Bag: The miter saw is equipped with dust bag that helps wood workers to clean the surroundings and wooden stock. This dust bag has ability to accept an empty vacuum hose of 6.4 cm in order to collect all the dust released from cutting wood.

  Read the Instruction Manual:

It is very important to read and understand the functions and features of miter saw before using it specifically by new woodworkers or operators of a miter saw. Along with that there are also safety instructions in the manual that provides a description to woodworkers so that they can protect themselves from injuries. Every type and model of miter saw requires specific electric power to work so wood worker must assure that they have sufficient electrical power for the miter saw otherwise it may get fire or short circuit while operating miter saw.

Features of Miter Saw:

Wood workers should understand and learn all the parts, features and functions of miter saw so that they can operate miter saw accurately and efficiently. There are many distinctive features of miter saw such as locking clamps, laser guides, blade guard etc.

Saw Blade:

It is best to raise and lower the saw blade several times to fix the accurate and the exact position for cutting wood. In this way wood worker will get familiar with a miter saw and reduces the risks of injuries.

  Place the Wooden Piece and Cut it into Various Shapes:

Table of miter saw provides support to the wooden piece. Wood workers are required to place the stock on the table and cut it in various shapes and angles as per the need and requirement.

It is very important that woodworkers should operate miter saw safely so that they can be protected from injuries.