Stop Breastfeeding Tips for Veteran Mothers

How to stop breastfeeding? This is the most common question asked by mothers. If you are nursing your child for the first time and do not know how to stop breastfeeding naturally then here is guideline for you.

Tips for Stopping Breastfeeding:

Following are the tips for stopping breastfeeding:

Take Decision Wisely:

One of the most important things to consider before weaning your baby is the health status of your baby. If he is healthy and in such condition that he can go with intake of natural foods then decide to wean your baby. Otherwise it will cause adverse effects on your baby health. So, take your decision wisely.

Pumped Milk:

Give your baby pumped milk to alleviate stress on your breast. It will also help you know either your baby will cooperate with you for weaning or will resist it. Whenever you give pumped milk to your baby make sure the nipples soft texture in order to give baby impression of real nipples.

Restrict Movement:

Agitation or friction of nipples acts as stimuli for more milk production so try to restrict movement and friction against nipples in order to lower the milk production.

Change Feeding Routine:

When you are trying to wean then slightly change the feeding routine of the baby. Skip any of the nursing time and replace breastfeed with use of normal dairy milk.It will develop baby taste for other foods. Moreover, less number of breastfeeding will eventually leads to lower milk production.

Change Position:

Whenever you are spending time with your baby do not place him in position in which you usually breastfeed him, change the position. Your baby does not know you are weaning him so when you place him in breastfeed position he expects you to nurse him. So, avoid breastfeed positions.

Food Selection:

Include in your diet such foods that lower your milk production. Start eating all types of food which you were avoiding when you were breastfeeding such as peppermint, spearmint and sage tea etc. Sage tea is best for decreasing milk production. Go for it.

Introduce Solid Foods:

When you are weaning it is best time for you to introduce your child with new flavors’ and tastes. Give your child solid food suitable according to his age. Intake of solid food will give him feeling of satiety and he will be less likely to be breastfeed.

For Pain:

Stopping breastfeeding is slightly painful experiment especially the first 2-4 days of weaning. Try to relax a much as you can, when you are weaning, as stress will bring more harm than good. In order to overcome pain you can use medicines as well as cabbage leaves.

Take cabbage leaves, wash and then dry them. Place these leaves in your bra in such a way that it covers whole area of your nipple particularly your nipples. Placing these leaves will not only relieve you from pain but also bring appreciable drop in ilk production.


Gentle massaging of breast will relieve you from weaning pains. Try not to touch your nipples more often when you are massaging as it will direct milk toward your breast. Do massage in circular movement with the help of your palm and fingers to relax breast muscles to lower pain.


If you want to stop breastfeeding rapidly then go for medicines. Various drugs usage decrease milk production and also overcome pain. Always use medicine prescribed by professional doctor. Never try blind medication as it will affect your health badly.

Above mentioned are stop breastfeeding tips for first time mothers. Following these tips will definitely help you to experience weaning without pain.