Thursday night

Tonight I realize that what’s quickly becoming normal would have seemed extraordinary not that long ago. Mike got caught at work late tonight because one of his crew’s had the street opened and it was a mess. When we lived in the city a night like tonight would have gone like this: I would have gotten home first, maybe pulled a weed or two, collected the eggs, taken the dogs to the park and then gone inside and hung out to wait for Mike to get home. It would have seemed like a long wait and I would have likely ended up with the TV on.

Tonight, I got home just after 5:00. I corralled the cat for his afternoon meds, changed my clothes and headed outside. I spent 2.5 hours in the garden just enjoying the evening and digging in the dirt. I set up soaker hoses for the potatoes and asparagus, prepped two more rows for Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bush beans and squash. I watered the onions and the herb garden.

Then I walked out and checked on the chickens. The little girls were roosting on the roost bar for the first time, and Steve and the big girls were up on the shelf where they don’t belong but love to be. With 6 eggs in my pockets (yesterday’s too) and a beer in my hand, I let the dogs out of the yard and we headed out to the back field so they could run and sniff and chase each other through the tall grass.

I strolled behind them admiring the new leaves coming out on the trees and the puff balls where dandelions were just a few days ago. I smelled the cherry blossoms and admired the apple blooms. We checked on the blackberries – leaves but no flowers yet – and said hello to the neighbor’s steers.

When we’d had our fill of the last light of dusk we headed inside to do the dishes and make some dinner. Leftover local pork roast pulled and turned into bar-b-que sandwiches with California artichokes ready just in time for Mike to get home.

And while it was happening it just seemed normal. It wasn’t until Mike asked me what I did after work that it struck me that I’d done a lot of different things and never even noticed.