Yahoo! To Power Ovi Mail & Ovi Chat

Earlier this year, Nokia announced its collaboration with Yahoo! and that together they aim to offer compelling Internet experiences. As part of this alliance, Yahoo! would become the exclusive, global provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services branded as “Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!” Well, over the last six months there has been substantial progress with this venture, and Nokia has today announced that Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat will now be powered by Yahoo! Hit the jump to find out more.

You will still get free email and IM accounts from Ovi by Nokia, which you can set up and access from your mobile phone, and you’ll get enhancements that let you do even more with Mail and Chat. A few additional features that will be rolling out over the coming weeks include:

  • Grow your friends list: Chat users will be able to invite Yahoo! Messenger friends into their friend list.
  • Use the brand new Mail website: Mail users will soon get themes, improved attachment support, and Ovi Chat integration into the web mail experience.
  • Chat from the web: Chat users can start chatting with friends from any computer as well as from your Nokia, giving you more opportunities to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • If you currently use Mail or Chat, you must take special action.

Because of the major changes, you must accept additional Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to keep using Mail and Chat. You can accept these by visiting and entering your Nokia account details and clicking Next. Ovi will also send you a reminder email and, if you are a Chat user, an instant message from ovi‑ that includes a link to the website above. If you check your email on the Mail website, you can accept the additional Terms and Privacy Policy when you login.

If you currently use Contacts for instant messaging on your Nokia, you need to do a little bit more to take advantage of the new features. To get started, you first need to find the Chat application. It may already be pre-installed on your handset, or you can download it at the Ovi Store. Then launch Chat on your phone, select Register/Create Account, and follow the instructions to log in with your existing Nokia account credentials and you’re set.

Lady Geek TV Episode 1 | Ovi Maps

The Lady Geek App Show aims to break down the cliches of the gadget industry by putting smartphone apps to work in real women’s lives. Each show will showcase the latest and greatest apps for the leading smartphone brands and was devised following government research – which showed that more smartphones were bought by women than by men in the past six months, but twice as many women have still not downloaded a SINGLE app. The Lady Geek TV App show aims to end that. Check out the Ovi section from the first show after the break.

Nokia Ovi Store Reaches 3 Million Daily Downloads

It seams like only yesterday, and in fact it was only last month, when we brought to you the news that the Ovi Store has reached the milestone of 2.3 million downloads per day. Well, Nokia has pushed the bar further, and today announced that the Ovi Store has reached a new milestone, with over 3 million daily downloads.

Whats more is that almost 250,000 new consumers are signing up for Ovi every day. I guess its a long way away from Apple’s App Store which experiences almost 10 million daily downloads but Nokia are definitely making good progress.

The total number of users of Ovi now exceeds 165 million people, across more than 190 countries. Each registered visitor, on average, downloads 2.6 apps.

Nokia is also gaining significant software developer momentum with over 400,000 new developers signing up to Forum Nokia over the last 12 months, and over 1.5 million downloads of Nokia’s Qt software development toolkits.

Nokia N8 Power Issues | Nokia Clarifies Problem

A number of Nokia N8 users have been experiencing power issues recently as their handsets refuse to power up. Once the device has powered off it cannot be switched on, even plugging in the charger does nothing. Well Nokia has heard your complaints and Executive Vice President Niklas Savander takes some time to explain the situation. Interview after the jump.

So remember, if you’re experiencing issues similar to this then head down to your nearest Nokia Care Centre as the warranty will have you covered.